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Ziktalk Hits 500,000 Users Since App Update in February

Ziktalk recently announced that the Ziktalk app hit 500,000 users since the latest app update in February.

Ziktalk, a blockchain-based social media company, has been on a hot streak since releasing the newest app version on February 6th. Ziktalk’s social app reached 200,000 users forty days into the update, 300,000 users within 45 days, and has now reached 500,000 users as of April 13th. Ziktalk expects to acquire a total of 1,000,000 users by the end of June.

Ziktalk is a social networking service that connects people from different cultures and backgrounds. By combining blockchain technology with social networking, Ziktalk rewards users with tokens that can be exchanged for cash at a digital assets exchange. The 500,000 users come from various language regions, so users can sign up and develop friendships with people from many different countries. Since 2016, Filipinos have been using Ziktalk to teach the English language to other nationalities.

Ziktalk’s CEO Abraham Shim said, “The Gen Z and millennial population wants to meet friends from all over the world, especially with COVID inhibiting users from meeting new people offline. Ziktalk is an online platform where users can publish feed posts, connect with others, and communicate with text messaging and video and voice calls. Currently, we are seeing about 5,000 feed posts being published by our users daily.”

Ziktalk is available on App Store and Google Play.

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