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These Inspiring Individuals Share how they Fueled their Passions and Found Success


People often talk about pursuing their passions, but how does this really work? We asked these six individuals from different walks of life to share what fuels their souls, and how they ultimately pulled it off. 

Here is what they said:


Alison Black, a ballerina dancer for more than 10 years training under the biggest names in the local ballet scenes such as Lisa Macuja and Osias Barroso of Ballet Manila, started @bedroomballet and rekindled her passion for dance through one-on-one ballet coaching sessions done via video call. Through Bedroom Ballet, Alison shares her knowledge and training experiences and hopes she inspires at least one student of hers. Alison is a firm believer of how great teachers and the right equipment can influence a dancer. With the help of Lazada, dancing from home made it such a breeze as she conveniently purchases everything she needs for her ballet sessions in just a single click on the app.


It was in 2016 when Balot De Jesus fell in love for essentials oils. What initially started as a hobby turned into a passion that led her to study to become a certified professional aromatherapist. Today, she is one of the few certified professional aromatherapist registered under the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) in the United States. With the knowledge she has gained, Balot has jump-started coaching classes, where she conducts classes on how to properly blend and safely use essential oils with supplies and ingredients she easily purchases from Lazada.


Filb began his Animal Flow practice, a structured series of ground-based movements for building mobility, strength, and developing motor control, back in 2016, making him the first Certified Level 2 Animal Flow Instructor in the Philippines. Today, aside from being an Animal Flow Instructor, Filb is a personal trainer, manual therapist, and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Being a huge advocate of bodyweight conditioning and training, Filb believes that special training equipment is not exactly a requirement, rather a simple yet practical ones that would help you develop a strong foundation is sufficient. If you’re on the hunt for training tools or apparel, this fitness coach got his training essentials on Lazada, so head on to the app now!


This kick ass personal fitness trainer, musician, and moto-vlogger is living proof that you can do anything and everything you put your heart, mind, and soul into—Gaki does what she loves doing, and definitely goes where her passion takes her. Unafraid to follow her heart, Gaki started her YouTube channel GakiMoto which now has over 60,000 subscribers. As one of the few Filipina who vlogs about motorcycles, she also shares that she purchased everything she needs for shooting her #gakimoto vlogs on the Lazada app. From vlogging gear to accessories such as such as the Radiator Guard for Schüblig, her favorite motorcycle part find! Yes, you heard that right, motorcycle parts? #NasaLazadaYan!


Aside from being a news anchor and host for GMA News and Public Affairs, Mark’s extensive background in sports broadcasting and commentary has also enabled him to expand the topic that he features from basketball, boxing, and more. With the ongoing pandemic situation, the broadcast journalist and commentator had to shift to working from home, setting up his nook for shooting and producing videos in the comforts of his home. He shares that Lazada was the platform where he purchased all the items he needed to embrace working from home, such as his monitor as well as his headphones.


Aside from the delicious food, drinks, and places to check out while in La Union, you can also have your haircut done in the said area! If you’ve ever been to “LU”, you probably have heard of Zeal the barberista. Zeal, who is a resident barista at El Union Coffee, also runs a mobile barbershop at La Union. People often drop by to get their hair done by this talented barberista who skillfully delivers quality trims, cuts, and good shaves. He says Lazada is the platform of his choice, to equip himself with the best tools without having to go through the hassle of traveling out of La Union. 

If these inspiring folks can do it, so can you! You too can pursue your passions with Lazada, because everything you need, #NasaLazadaYan! To know more, visit

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