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AIA Group Limited launches First-ever Regional Ambassador Program

AIA Group Limited launches First-ever Regional Ambassador Program

AIA Group Limited, today announced the launch of its first-ever Regional Ambassador Programme, an online community of some of the most influential health and well-being advocates in Asia who will come together to amplify AIA’s purpose of helping people across the region to lead Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.

This innovative programme will be led by AIA Global Ambassador David Beckham and feature AIA health and wellness ambassadors from the Philippines and other countries such as Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand to other AIA markets as the platform develops. The programme will take an always-on approach which is 100 percent-focused on the activities AIA is implementing to drive its purpose, making it one of the most current and comprehensive ambassador programmes globally.

From the Philippines, AIA Philam Life ambassadors Anton Del Rosario, Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico, Nico Bolzico, Wil Dasovich, and Raymond Gutierrez will be joining David Beckham and the other regional ambassadors across the region.

The Regional Ambassador Programme is the latest online initiative launched by AIA to engage its customers, agents and communities around the Group’s purpose. It will give AIA’s ambassadors the opportunity to co-create and collaborate around new ideas and inspirational content that will help to promote Healthier, Longer, Better Lives, as well as celebrating cultural diversity and offering audiences access to different perspectives on health and wellness.

AIA Philam Life Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Ang said: “As the pandemic continues to be a constant challenge to everyone, our ambassadors taking part in this initiative, can inspire Filipinos to stay motivated and sustain their physical and mental wellbeing, helping them live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives. We are delighted to be part of this programme alongside the AIA Group and the other AIA markets and we look forward to seeing it grow in the coming months.”

AIA Global Ambassador David Beckham said: “I’m excited to be involved in the Regional Ambassador Programme, and to share my personal health and wellness journey through the COVID-19 pandemic. By bringing together such diverse voices, we can deliver meaningful content that is relevant for audiences across Asia and help people to make the little changes that will have a big impact on their long-term well-being. I’m truly inspired by AIA’s commitment to helping its customers and communities live Healthier, Longer Better Lives and I’m delighted to have been asked to lead this initiative with my fellow ambassadors.”

The Regional Ambassador Programme builds on the success of AIA Live, AIA’s first regional online wellness event held in August 2020, which reached 39 million people across more than 60 countries and featured 30 ambassadors and special guests.

To kick-off the programme, AIA hosted a one-hour online virtual session to ”meet” with David Beckham, focusing around a discussion entitled “Finding Hope & Ways to Cope Through the Pandemic”, which launched across various social channels and AIA’s Healthy Living YouTube on Friday 22 January 2021. The session included real, positive and inspiring content that generates both emotion, through personal stories and interaction, and motivation, in the form of tips and ideas.

AIA Philam Life ambassadors shared their personal experiences during the pandemic. For married couple Nico and Solenn Bolzico, it was the perfect time to raise a new family. “I think it’s a really big silver lining for us having our first child during this pandemic, because it gave us the opportunity to spend time together as a family and made us realize how important it is to have each other,” shared Nico. “We also realized the importance of simple things now because of how fast-paced life was before,” added Solenn.

They also shared the key things they learned and how to soldier through a difficult time. “There are always going to be tough times but there’s always going to be positive things at the end of it. For me, opportunities will always arise and it’s always up to you about how you’re going to deal with it and take advantage of it,” quipped Anton Del Rosario.

“There is nothing more valuable in life than relationships and that’s what life is all about, and your connection with one another,” said Wil Dasovich. Raymond Guiterrez also shared how he was able to cope. “I have to be creative with my workouts and I think the number one thing was really finding a routine and finding a flow to help me,” he added.

To view the “Finding Hope & Ways to Cope Through the Pandemic” session, please visit the AIA Healthy Living YouTube Channel at

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