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Fill your Valentine weekend with love


Valentine this year may be a lot different with many areas still implementing quarantine measures. Not too many after-office parties nor clubbing or bar hopping. No flower or chocolate delivery surprise in the workplace either. 

Maybe no special dinner in your favorite restaurant or hotel. Not even a weekend getaway perhaps, unless you’ve made early preparations and have obtained all medical and necessary documents.

But the pandemic need not be a damper on your Valentine celebration this year. The occasion is about love, family and all the special people in your life, after all, and celebrating love in its many forms can be done anywhere. With most everyone staying indoors and Valentine this year falling on a weekend, there is no better time for that ultimate stay-at-home Valentine weekend.

Start with a hearty breakfast

Kick off your Valentine weekend with a hearty Pinoy-themed breakfast, be it breakfast in bed for your special someone or breakfast for the entire family! Pair aromatic and garlicky sinangag with savory sweet tocino, juicy cheesy franks or flavorful crispy bacon. If you’re feeling a little extra creative, serve heart-shaped sunny-side up eggs with a freshly sliced tomato on the side for that ultimate Valentine silog meal.

Create your own pasta buffet

Everyone loves a buffet and kids love pasta, so why not do both? Explore the flavors of different pasta sauces by creating a variety of pasta dishes at home using your kids’ favorite toppings. Kids will enjoy mixing and matching noodles and sauces to create yummy creations, from the simple yet exquisite aglio olio to a rich tomato-based pasta. For dessert, serve some fruits and open a can of refreshing chilled juice to add sweetness to the tangy meal. 

Fuel the romance with a fancy dinner date

Can’t have the usual Valentine dinner outside? That doesn’t mean you can’t have some quite alone time with your significant other. Prepare something extra special: Maybe grilled steak with some side dishes and sparkling cocktail. Dress up a little, dim the lights, put on some music and add a few lit candles on the table and it’ll be even more romantic than dining at the poshest place in the city.

Cuddle and have a movie marathon

Make your Valentine weekend an extra bonding time binge-watching your favorite family movies or streaming trending series. Gather everyone, cuddle on the couch, munch on healthy snacks like fresh fruits or crunchy carrot sticks while drinking sweet healthy juices for a guilt-free snack the whole family can enjoy.

Relax and recharge

Cap off your Valentine weekend with some me time. Take a long warm shower, treat your hair to a keratin conditioner and rejuvenate with a salt scrub. Do some catchup reading with your favorite drink or simply relax. With additional bedtime pampering and the evening beauty regimen of facial toner and some body lotion or moisturizer, you’d be ready for the new week ahead.

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