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AQWIRE partners up with Xendit for hassle-free online real estate Billing

AQWIRE, the leading real estate settlements platform brings an easier and hassle-free billing for its real estate partners made possible by Xendit, the leading payment gateway for Southeast Asia.

Sharing the same goal of making payments easy, simple, and secure for clients, AQWIRE and Xendit have teamed up to accept and process local payments via Direct Debit, Xendit’s online banking payments service. The partnership will give way for AQWIRE customers who want to use their Philippine bank accounts, such as UnionBank and BPI, to pay for their real estate bills via Xendit's platform. Xendit also plans to expand partnerships with other local banks in the coming months for wider coverage.

Being the leader in international real estate-related settlements, the majority of AQWIRE’s users are living overseas and use international cards and bank accounts when settling their dues.

AQWIRE’s move to partner up with Xendit is its answer to the growing real estate market in the Philippines. Considering Xendit’s world-class payment infrastructure, its products and services are the perfect fit for the needs of AQWIRE’s local and international users who use local online banking.

“We are always looking for ways to give our customers the best payment experience. The partnership with Xendit now allows us to offer local bank payments which add to the variety of payment methods that AQWIRE already offers. The more options we have integrated into our service translate into added value for our customers,” says Kenji Yuchengco, AQWIRE’s Chief Operating Officer and Head of Strategy.

Xendit’s Direct Debit product is unique in the market because it allows customers to make payments in real time. The Xendit solution provides a seamless experience - users no longer need to hop off AQWIRE’s website/app, open their banking website, or provide a screenshot of their bank transfer to complete the payment. The whole payment flow is done securely and reliably through the AQWIRE platform.

“Xendit is the simplest solution for the digital transaction needs of every Filipino business. Our advanced payments system is designed to make digital transactions simple, secure, and easy.

This enables Filipinos to do more of what they love and for entrepreneurs and companies to focus on growing their business,” says Chris Reyes, COO of Xendit Philippines.

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