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We challenged these influencers to do the #AXEperiment and here’s how they did


Feeling confident and fresh all the time is one thing that we want to achieve, and for guys, this can mean just a spray of fragrance. 

But because the mixture of perfume and sweat doesn’t always help you feel your most confident, fragrance alone is not enough. That’s why finding a product that will protect you from sweat and odor, one that can keep up with your active lifestyle, is a must.

To help you find the answers for how to stay fresh and protected, AXE, one of the top male fragrance brands in the world, upgraded its formulation and now promises up to 48-hour deo protection and the best-smelling fragrances to help you feel confident and fresh whenever, wherever. With its dual-action technology that fights odor-causing bacteria, AXE’s world class fragrances fight off stink to keep guys on top of their game and smelling ready for anything.

Putting this technology to the test, AXE recently asked guys to step out of their comfort zone and take up the #AXEperiment challenge:

Rigor Mendoza

Challenge #1: Jam a unique style
Choosing an outfit for the day that can complement both the weather and place is tough. Though we try our best to look and smell fresh, you need a double-duty product that has longer protection against bad odor. “You can't look good and feel good if you're worried about whether your body spray is working or not,” fashion model Rigor Mendoza says as he flaunts his AXE Black. “Already tried using this whenever I’m in a photoshoot or some outdoor activity and guess what? I’m still fresh and confident even when I'm exposed to the sun.”

Dino Imperial

Challenge #2: Bust out dance moves
Not all of us are dancers, but TikTok dance challenges have been the light of our daily quarantine life and one of the fun pastimes that keep us busy while we keep safe at home. Step up your moves and your hygiene products that can keep up to all-day dance practice. Artist and Club MC Dino Imperial confidently showed some of his dance moves on his TikTok video. “No matter what our lifestyle may be, we want to make sure we are fresh, confident, and fragrant throughout our daily activities!”

Rex Intal

Challenge #3: Superior workout protection
AXE’s 48-hour protection from odor and sweat is put to the test every time you go to the gym, because vigorous workouts equal intense perspiration. Volleyball player Rex Intal confidently showed off his after-session look with the boost from AXE Ice Chill. “Even after training, AXE gives me the #FragranceThatProtects from odor to feel confident and fresh! This allows me to step out of my comfort zone to be on top of my game!”

#AXEperiment is a celebration of the renewed AXE technology, showing that one quick spray is enough to give guys a #FragranceThatProtects.

Grab your favorite AXE body spray today and take up the #AXEperiment challenge!

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