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Putting Safety into Action with HELLA and Grab


Ride-hailing, courier, and food delivery are only some of the most in-demand services since the pandemic broke out in the Philippines. These services continue to grow and thrive especially with the varying lockdown measures being implemented across the country, ensuring that everyone stays home or has a safe and reliable transport option when going out.

Among those that continue to operate to provide these services are Grab drivers and riders who remain resilient and work tirelessly despite the risks. With the ongoing vaccination efforts of the private and public sectors, HELLA extends its partnership with Grab and joins the platform in ramping up efforts and initiatives to encourage more drivers and riders to get inoculated and boost the number of vaccinated drivers and riders, keeping themselves and their patrons safe inside and out.

Kwentong Vacc to Normal
What better way to encourage the Grab community to get vaccinated than hearing from their fellow drivers and riders. These are weekly testimonials which highlight the vaccination stories and experiences of these frontliners. They also share their initial woes and hesitations, but also their realizations that they’re not only doing it for themselves, but for their own families’ safety. Complementing these stories, HELLA also provides them with the car parts and accessories that matter to help improve their visibility on the road.

Vacc to Normal Livestreams
Livestreams is another way for Grab to reach out and communicate with their drivers and riders, especially for announcements and updates. This time around, health and safety-related topics are featured including the value of vaccination to help educate on how to better protect themselves. To increase participation and encourage more to be part of the information drive, HELLA is giving away a total of 50 dash cams worth over Php 250,000 to lucky viewers so that they have another layer of protection while on the road.

Also in partnership with Grab, HELLA hosted a Rainy Day Livestream as part of this engagement. HELLA Asia’s Country Manager for the Philippines Jason De Leon shared Top 10 tips to help keep vehicles in check during the rainy season. The session was well-received by thousands of drivers and riders who were highly engaged and excited by the discussion as it was timely and highly relevant. Some also shared their own tips with their co-drivers and riders, especially when it comes to specific care routines for different car and motorcycle parts.

Vacc to the Beat
HELLA also partnered with Grab in hosting a dance challenge and competition that saw an overwhelming response and participation from drivers and riders across the country. The Grab community showcased their creativity, talents and skills on Facebook and Tiktok as they danced to the Vacc to the Beat Jingle. With a total worth of about Php 150,000 GrabPay credits at stake, HELLA sponsored the Grand Prize worth Php 50,000, which was taken home by the driver who showcased the best #HellaBakUNAMoves, all alongside other prizes.

These are only some of the initiatives that HELLA and Grab are pushing out to help the country achieve herd immunity through its own community of drivers and riders.

“For the longest time, HELLA has been a strong advocate of road safety by offering the market with the parts that matter. With the current pandemic, HELLA wants to give back to the community through initiatives that support vaccination and what better way to do it than through a trusted partner,” shared De Leon. “Extending our partnership with Grab enables us to reach more drivers and riders who tirelessly work during these disruptive times. We want to recognize their sacrifices by providing them another layer of safety by improving their visibility on the road.”

“We appreciate having HELLA as a partner because we believe that this is reflective of how Grab values the health and safety of our driving community,” said RJ Cabaluna, Grab Philippines Head of Country Operations. “We hope to encourage and inspire more drivers and riders to be vaccinated through our combined efforts to contribute meaningfully in our goal of herd immunity and continue keeping our patrons safe as well.”

More exciting collaborations are in the pipeline as HELLA and Grab work on initiatives that will not only push for more vaccinations, but also overall road safety so stay tuned for more.

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