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Switch to Smooth with the new RELX Infinity Arctic Mist and Essential Steel Blue

RELX Infinity

Are you tired of that lingering cigarette smell on your breath and fingers and how it can stick to your clothes? And not to mention your loved ones once complained about you smelling like an ashtray. 

RELX Infinity

If you’ve had enough of the smelly smoking experience and are ready for a new super smooth journey, then it’s time you were introduced to a better alternative to cigarettes.

Introducing RELX’s newest colorways: RELX Infinity Arctic Mist and RELX Essential Steel Blue. Designed with SuperSmoothTM, the new RELX can provide you with a better alternative to traditional cigarette smoking and vaping, unlike other vapes, which tend to leak or have poor battery life. With the RELX Infinity and RELX Essentials, there won't be any cigarette smells, no messy ash, and no harsh hits, just a full-flavored, velvety smooth vape from start to finish.

The devices use the same groundbreaking vaping technology, the Active-Steam Pro and Air Boost design, to provide consistent vapor volume and quality by actively balancing and controlling both atomizing power and temperature. As well as providing sufficient pressure to enable the vapor to travel upwards the maze leak-resistant design from the atomizer.

Both RELX Infinity Arctic Mist and RELX Essential Steel Blue have a leak-resistant maze, ergonomic mouthpiece design, and symmetrical pods. But what sets each unit apart?

As the Red Dot winner of 2020, RELX Infinity is perfect for those who like a great design. With dual charging options available, the unit can be charged using its built-in Pogo pin or USB-C charging port. The device also has a SmartPace Vibrate Alert to prevent nicotine over-consumption by vibrating when the user takes over 15 puffs within 15 minutes.

As for the RELX Essential, it's the brand's entry-point device that provides all you need in a vape pen at an affordable price. If you're fine without the added features of extra battery life or a SmartPace Alert system, the Essential is the perfect option. Its high-quality design, small and manageable size, and fast charging make it the perfect entry point for smokers looking to switch to super smooth.

RELX launched the Proudly #NoSmoke campaign in October to highlight the journey to being cigarette-free. With this campaign, RELX helps tell the stories of ex-smokers who've since made the #SwitchtoSmooth. According to pre-med student Jessa Zapanta, RELX helped her kick the unhealthy habit, “Recently, I had a chat with my friend and have been wanting to stop smoking. I decided to #SwitchToSmooth after trying RELX for the first time and proudly #NoSmoke for 1 year," she said.

If you're looking to preserve your health and well-being, Jacky Tenorio is a Digital Marketing Manager who was looking to stop cigarettes for health reasons. “I’ve been a heavy smoker for 7 years and wanted to think about my personal well-being due to my age. My friends and family also complain about the smell and I wish to not smoke indoors – so I decided to make the #SwitchToSmooth. Absolutely no regrets!“​

The strong smell of cigarette smoke can be distracting to the people around you, which is what was bothering Digital Creator & Marketer Chel Inumerable. “Although I am not a heavy smoker, there were many times I caught myself having the urge for a cigarette. I decided to quit due to the smell and with most of my friends starting to vape, I bought my first RELX device as well. No regrets!”​ Aside from the smell bothering your friends, it could also be bothersome in a work environment. Veterinary Clinician Patricia Tenorio claims, "I brought the habit of smoking until my early 20’s. I had no plans of quitting until I got my hands on my first RELX device – the craving for cigarettes almost instantly stopped because the vape was so full-bodied. The #SwitchToSmooth transition was so easy & allowed me to present myself at work professionally with no smoke-smell clinging to my hair!"

More often than not, the decision to quit is to protect the ones you love. Marketing Associate and father Tey Ramirez shares, “I started smoking at a very young age out of curiosity – it became my greatest stress reliever. I consumed 25 - 30 sticks on an average day. I’ve wanted to stop smoking for so long since I have kids and don’t want them to grow up with this habit. Thankfully, my cousin introduced me to RELX and it works perfectly for me! No urges!”​

If you're ready to say goodbye to strong smokey smells and messy ash, log on over to for more details. Visit their complete list of online retailers here or can also access their Store Locator to head to the nearest RELX retailer near you.

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