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Experience a luxurious private screening at Gateway Platinum Cinema

Gateway Platinum Cinema

Everyone’s raring to go back to the movies! We’re all looking forward to sitting in a comfortable chair, popcorn in hand, to watch the latest blockbuster on the silver screen! And to make the experience much more special, it’d be best if we enjoyed that movie that we’ve been so hyped about with friends or family!

Sounds like a plan right? Well, wait up because Araneta City has something in store for you to elevate your movie-watching experience. For as low as just ₱400 per head you can have the ultimate private movie experience at Gateway Platinum Cinema!

Have the whole cinema to yourself, your friends, family, or even work colleagues and watch the most awaited local and foreign films by booking the Gateway Platinum Cinema for a private screening. All you have to do is fill-out this online form ( by providing your name, contact details, preferred film to watch, and the screening date that you have in mind, et voila you’re all set for a movie-watching experience for the books!

“Now that many of our customers can go back and watch films, we know that they are looking for a next-level experience. Through our private screenings at the Gateway Platinum Cinema, our guests can appreciate a more luxe movie-watching experience that they can share with either their friends or family. For corporate clients, this is also a great way to treat and build camaraderie among employees,” said Irene Jose, COO of Uniprom Inc (the entertainment arm of Araneta Group).

Gateway Platinum Cinema offers a luxurious and fun watching experience for movie buffs out there. Not only does it boast of a Dolby Digital Surround Sound System that transports you to the very center of the action, it is also equipped with authentic La-Z-Boy seats that will allow you to watch every scene in relative comfort! Every booking also allows the use of the Gateway Platinum Cinema lounge, allowing you and your guests to truly revel in a five-star movie-watching experience.

Up to 20 people can take part in a private screening and booking for the Gateway Platinum Cinema must be made at least three days before the preferred screening date. Only films that are currently being shown in cinemas may be screened at the Gateway Platinum Cinema.

Payment for a private screening may be done through cash or check.
When it comes to health and safety, you can sit back and relax as Gateway Platinum Cinema employs the strictest standards when it comes to disinfecting and sanitizing the cinemas. UV Care room sterilizers are are used after every screening to disinfect the entire area. Frequent disinfection is also conducted especially in high-contact areas. Even the air system of the cinema has been UV treated to ensure the safety of all guests.

All these measures coupled with strict implementation of protocols like mask mandates and temperature checks, to name a few, have been instrumental in Gateway Cineplex receiving the Safety Seal from the local government of Quezon City. The Safety Seal is proof of exemplary adherence to health and safety standards enforced by the government.

“We assure all our customers that their safety comes first even while watching their favorite films. We have invested heavily in technological solutions that are specifically geared towards sanitizing and disinfecting the surfaces they come in contact with and the air they breathe. We do this so that they can sit back and fully immerse themselves in the movie that they are watching,” Jose concluded.

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