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Globe MyFi LTE - Pocket WiFi Review

Globe MyFi LTE

Connectivity is essential in today's fast-paced society, whether school, work, or business needs. Using a Pocket WiFi, like the Globe MyFi LTE - Pocket WiFi is one of the most convenient ways to get online.

Globe MyFi LTE

The Globe MyFi LTE - Pocket WiFi, is an LTE-powered pocket-WiFi device and capable of speeds of up to 42Mbps, it provides an easy and portable means of staying connected even when on the move.

Globe MyFi LTE

The Globe MyFi LTE comes with FREE 9GB all-access valid for 7 days and is Loadable with Globe-at-home promos. It also has 48 hours battery life to keep you connected the whole day.

Globe MyFi LTE

The most advantageous aspect of carrying a pocket wifi device is that you can stay connected at all times and you can even share your connection since it's shareable up to 10 devices.

A good internet connection is essential to work from home, however, there are still places that don't have access to Fiber or DSL connection. A Pocket Wi-Fi is a good alternative since it is both affordable and easy to use.

Another advantages of having a pocket wifi around is when where's power outage, that means you won't be able to use your fiber/DLS connection since it requires electric power and since Globe MyFi LTE is battery powered so you can stay connected for 48-hours.

Since the Globe MyFi LTE is capable of up to 42Mbps speeds it's a nifty device that can be used to make Zoom meetings and send large files and documents for work. With its portability and it packs a 1,500mAh battery that can be charged via powerbank for a longer connectivity time.

It's also ideal for students who need to be continually connected to the internet in order to research for their modules and assignments or communicate with their group members in order to complete projects and tasks.

The Globe MyFi LTE has a compact, sleek form factor with an LED light providing notification. It does not have any display, which is a bit of a drawback because there's no quick easy way to see important information such as signal strength and battery capacity.

Globe MyFi LTE

This device's battery can be removable, and behind it is the SIM card slot, which accepts a standard size SIM card. The included SIM card in the package has triple cut features, which is useful since it can be used on other smartphones if needed. It charges via a micro-USB port, making it simple to use a conventional charger or a powerbank, which is more convenient for mobility.

Globe MyFi LTE

The Globe MyFi LTE setup is simple, just connect to viva WiFi using the provided user account and password located on the device's back. Once connected, you must change the SSID name and password via a web browser at

Once Free 9GB is consumed, loading the Globe MyFi LTE is easy, just download the GlobeOne app which is an all-in-one app to manage all your Globe accounts.

Globe offers affordable promos so that you can enjoy being connected without the worry of high price-tag with big data allocations. From their HomeSurf promos starting at HomeSurf99 with 10 GB data up to HomeSurf999 up to 100 GB of data. There are also their “On-The-Go” promos like Surf4All99, Surf4All249, or GoPlus99.

Alternatively, you can load it via the Globe website, GCash apps, Autoload Max o Share-A-Load, or even online banking. You can also purchase Globe call cards available from most convenience stores and partner retailers nationwide.

Globe MyFi LTE - Pocket WiFi Features

Portable WiFi Device
Shareable up to 10 devices
Loadable with at-home promos
Freebies - FREE 9GB all-access (Valid for 7 days)
3G & 4G LTE
WiFi Dual Band - 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz

Final Thoughts
Pocket WiFi is a must-have for anyone who is constantly on the go and needs to stay connected to the internet. It's also a great backup internet connection at home, specially if you get a power outage or lose connection due to some unforeseen reason. The Globe MyFi LTE - Pocket WiFi is an affordable pocket Wifi device that you can easily carry in your bag, and be connected to all the time.

The Globe MyFi LTE retails at only ₱899, its available at Globe stores, and Globe Online Store. It comes with FREE Sur4All99 that's a 9GB all-access data valid for seven days.

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