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LG Commercial Washers Acquire Coveted Orange Tag from Meralco

LG Commercial Washers

A lot of home appliances boast of potential savings. They can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? LG Electronics, one of the trailblazers in worldwide technology innovation, puts its money where its mouth is as the South Korean brand’s commercial washers were tested by the Meralco Power Lab and given an orange tag.

LG Commercial Washers

Meralco’s orange tag acts as a seal of security, approval, and transparency as it gives you a close approximation of the power an appliance uses and the corresponding cost involved. There’s no guesswork and nothing is left to chance. You get to see how much consumption even before making your purchase, giving you an informed decision from the get-go.

The two commercial washers that Meralco tested are LG’s most popular models used in local laundry businesses. They represent the best savings both for proprietors and customers. According to the tests made by Meralco, the cost per wash for Giant C Max Washers is Php 0.81, while Titan C Max Washers is Php 1.05 per wash. This energy efficiency improves your operations and increases your savings as a whole.

LG Commercial Washers

 Working behind the scenes for both washing machines is a powerful inverter. The Inverter Direct Drive drums on LG Commercial Laundry machines are directly attached to the motor, making it durable and reliable for years to come. It also has a 3+1 Hygiene Care Laundry System that helps sanitize your washers before, during, and after every load. First, the Clean Tub Cycle cleans the tub in just three minutes before use. Next, the Hygiene Cycle can help sanitize fabrics while the last step is an Intensive Tub Cleaning Cycle that can run once the load is done.

The washers are also quiet thanks to the Gyro Balancing System, which produces low noise and less vibration. The noise and vibration emitted by LG Commercial Laundry machines are low enough for people to focus on other tasks while they wait, creating a pleasant environment that can meet the needs of various customers.

Another key feature of LG commercial washers is the atomizing & twin spray. This function rinses your clothes non-stop while spinning, resulting in a speedier wash and higher customer rotation rate. Atomizing Spray also sprays water on the door, so you don't have to clean excess suds off the door glass. It’s all about operational efficiency. To make the whole process simple and less complicated for customers, an Auto Dosing System is also in place, which supplies uniform amounts of detergent, bleach, and softener for every cycle.

Maximize the savings for your commercial washing business with LG. Visit and LG Commercial Laundry PH Facebook page for more information regarding commercial laundry solutions.

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