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Use ShopeePay to Send Money to any Bank or e-Wallet for Free


We are well aware of how simple it is to send money online; all it takes is a few taps on your smartphone. It's convenient Yes, but only if the recipient has the same bank account or e-wallet as you; otherwise, you must pay additional fees. 

This is impractical, Did you know that ShopeePay, which is Shopee's integrated mobile wallet, allows you to send money for free to any bank, e-wallet, or Shopee user? Yes, there are no hidden fees since we want all Filipinos to enjoy the full benefits of online money transfers.

To prevent additional transaction costs, it is inconvenient to establish and maintain numerous apps. ShopeePay, which is integrated inside the Shopee app, is all you need to minimize the effort; simply activate and validate your ShopeePay account. 


Enjoy free and quick bank transfers with 40+ banks and e-wallet partners, such as BDO, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Metrobank, Security Bank, UnionBank, and others. With this integrated service, you no longer need to switch between applications to transfer money.

View the following video to learn how to send money for free using ShopeePay.

In addition to its ease, ShopeePay makes sending money more entertaining and thrilling through promotions in which you can win rewards and cash prizes. 

Register at this site and send at least P50 to any bank, e-wallet, or Shopee user for the chance to play and win up to P1,000,000 on Shopee Live and become a ShopeePay Milyonaryo. Additionally, be sure to check in during ShopeePay's Happy Hour to receive up to 100 coins daily when you send at least P50 to any Shopee user.

Activate ShopeePay immediately and begin reaping its benefits. For more information on ShopeePay, please visit Shopee is available for free download through the App Store and Google Play.

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