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Majestic Dinosaurs Join The Fun In Chimeraland’s Jurassic Era - Dinosaur Attack Update

Majestic Dinosaurs

Level Infinite announced today that the Chimeraland Jurassic Era - Dinosaur Attack update is now available for the free-to-play open-world sandbox adventure game.

This new update adds several new noble dinosaurs to Chimeraland, including the Grand Yungang Dragon, Noble Jindipelta, Noble Brontosaur, Noble Spinosaur, and Noble Tyrannosaur.

Travellers can capture these magnificent creatures and have them as pets to accompany you throughout your adventures or in PvP combat. Each of the dinosaurs can be further customized and devoured for players to make the creatures truly their own.

In addition, the new Dinosaur battle event brings even more rewards for defeating the boss, and players can visit the new dinosaur museum for the Dinosaur Trivia activity, with its own attractive rewards up for grabs.

With the arrival of the Jurassic Era - Dinosaur Attack update for Chimeraland, players can join creators like Alingga Putra, Feby Audira,Afif yulistian, Fandra octo and Kimi Hime , and more as they experience the new content for the first time.

For fans in the North America/Europe/Korea/Japan regions, Chimeraland will begin pre-registrations from June 15, with an official launch happening shortly after. The game is also being localized for Indonesian and Thai players, and the team will share more information about the development in the near future.

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