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Ensuring Your Family is Well-Taken Care of with MediCard


The global health crisis, for sure, has impacted us in various ways, whether financially, mentally, or physically. And yes, because of these uncertain times, we realized the significance of health for ourselves and our family. That is why prioritizing health is now considered a vital investment and not an option in today’s world.
However, from doctors’ fees, laboratory fees, room rates, medicine, and other outpatient costs, health care in the Philippines is generally costly for an average Filipino. A 2021 report published by the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) revealed that in 2020 alone, healthcare costs for each Filipino were at PhP8,216.42 a month.

For that reason, health cards are critical, now more than ever, to reduce costs while increasing the quality of care for you and your family. The good thing is that MediCard, a leading HMO in the Philippines, offers a wide range of healthcare plans.

Ensuring your and your loved ones’ health with MediCard
Starting at PhP10,739 per year, MediCard offers different Individual and Family plans, which give family hospitalization (in-patient) services or outpatient care.

Depending on the diagnosis and the plan, this can also cover X-ray and laboratory examinations and the expenses of using the operating and recovery room. On top of that, you can acquire the services of MediCard specialists, such as anesthesiologists, internists, surgeons, and other doctors.

Meanwhile, members who seek outpatient care have access to physicians in MediCard free-standing clinics and in MediCard-accredited clinics or hospitals nationwide. This plan also covers specialist referrals, regular consultations, and laboratory or diagnostic examinations prescribed by a MediCard physician, such as treatments for eyes, ears, nose, and throat, depending on the plan’s available coverage.

Aside from annual physical examination (APE), complete blood count and Pap smear for women over 40 years old, the MediCard Individual and Family plans also provide members Preventive Healthcare Services at any MediCard free-standing clinic.

Other benefits are counseling on health habits, diets and family planning, routine immunization, and health management. Members may also avail themselves of dental care services from any accredited dental clinic, which includes oral prophylaxis, simple tooth extractions, temporary fillings, and treatment of mouth lesions, wounds, and burns.

More MediCard free-standing clinics for accessible healthcare
To provide more access to the healthcare needs of its members, MediCard recently opened two new free-standing clinics in the country. It includes MediCard Ram Plaza Makati and MediCard Davao, offering a wide array of healthcare services.

For instance, the newly opened clinic in Makati provides annual physical examination, clinical laboratory and drug testing, dental services, executive check-up, major and minor surgery, pre-employment examination, specialty consultations, and X-ray and imaging services.

Meanwhile, the Davao free-standing clinic offers annual physical examination, clinical laboratory and drug testing, dental services, medical evaluation, pre-employment examination, consultations, and X-ray and imaging services.

Indeed, health is one of the most precious assets we could ever have. So, maintaining it is crucial, especially amid these uncertain times. And if there is one best time to take care of our body and ensure that our family is always in good shape, it is NOW.

MediCard is the first and leading HMO founded and managed by doctors. Over the years, it has provided the most comprehensive and innovative healthcare programs and fitness activities to help people achieve healthier lives.

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