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Shopee Stories show How E-commerce Changes People Lives

Shopee Bayanihan

Filipinos, through the cultivation of bayanihan, have historically triumphed over any difficulty they have faced. Shopee's umbrella CSR arm, Shopee Bayanihan, aspires to use technology to better assist its customers, vendors, partner riders, and all Filipinos across the country, and it was founded in recognition of and dedication to this sense of community and togetherness.

Shopee Bayanihan has developed into a comprehensive platform with a wide range of offerings to meet the demands of Filipinos in the modern day. These efforts are founded on the organization's overarching goal of using technology to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and of being there for every Filipino in times of triumph and trial.

In keeping with these initiatives, Shopee features the uplifting tales of five people, detailing how Shopee helped them during difficult times and gave them a better quality of life overall. Please view the entire video by clicking here.

TransOrient Agency Partner Rider, Roel on Shopee Xpress: An ambitious dad who works hard to make ends meet. Roel began his time with Shopee Xpress when he was hired by the TransOrient Agency and assigned to the Bacoor Hub. In the past, he had been honest about his financial difficulties. Now that he'd signed on as a partner rider for Shopee Xpress, he could afford to feed and educate his family. How will they react if I continue to sumuko? No one can help our family if we don't help them, Roel argues.

At his son's graduation, Roel's son begged him to wear his Shopee Xpress outfit, and he said yes. He learned that his son was incredibly proud of him and applauded his efforts. My life and family have been transformed by Shopee. "I'm a proud Shopee Xpress passenger," Roel exclaims.

Typhoon Odette, Virginia Shopee Bayanihan Positive Outcome: Facing Fear Together as a Society Affected by Typhoon Odette, Virginia is only one of many states to get aid from Shopee Bayanihan. She revealed that the storm had made her fear for the safety of her loved ones and her house. Because my husband and I are ill, the prospect of what might happen sent shivers down my spine. I was at a loss for action. There was nothing I could do but ask God to calm the winds down, she explains.

Virginia and her neighbors in Tinago, Cebu were among the recipients of relief packs and other necessities from Shopee Bayanihan's Typhoon Odette Support, which was distributed to communities in Cebu, Bohol, and Surigao. "Our town is really appreciative of the aid that was sent to us. None of us had any clue that Shopee would come through for us like this," she says.

To provide for their children, Shopee sellers Mark and Angel fight tirelessly. Mark and Angel's daughter, who was born with biliary atresia, a rare disorder affecting the liver that required an expensive treatment in another country, came dangerously close to not making it. The pair started the Live Pillow business so that they could earn an income and pay for Avery's upkeep medication. Sales were low before they moved their operation online. Mark admitted, "There are days when neither of us feel like cooking, and our partner is so incredibly irritated by this."

They were able to reach a whole new demographic of consumers by opening a shop on Shopee, and as a result, they received thousands of orders. With their own employees and storage facility, Mark and Angel could finally grow their company. We've grown our own little family because of Shopee, and our employees are all Filipino. Angel calls for "everyone to come here" (all of us, here).

Making ends meet for her family, Jocell is the Shopee Girl ng Pook Dagohoy. Jocelle, a stay-at-home mom and internet celebrity known as the "Shopee Girl ng Pook Dagohoy," has spoken publicly about the difficulty her family has had saving money due to their mounting debt. We blew it on the utang, as the Filipinos say. My wife lost her job when the pandemic hit. In the words of Jocell, "I'll just have to go through this again in order to get some more money to pay off our debt.

Shopee helped her cut costs on groceries and utilities. Because I recently learned that I can place an order for diapers being sold on Shopee, I have been extremely rushed in my decision-making. "I pay my bills with ShopeePay and use the rewards I get to buy things like ilaw and tubig," she says

Since discovering Shopee, Jocelle has been able to save money by purchasing more efficiently for her family. "Shopee is truly an integral part of our lives," Jocell explains.

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