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Troo Rebrands as EastWest Ageas Insurance

EastWest Ageas Insurance

Troo, the life insurance joint venture between EastWest and the 200-year-old global insurance expert Ageas Group expands its reach by launching an Agency Sales distribution channel.

To capitalize further on the strengths and credentials of its financial parents, Troo rebrands itself to "EastWest Ageas Insurance" aiming to be the top-of-mind insurance provider for Filipinos.

EastWest Ageas Insurance

"Since we started in 2016, we have provided financial protection and security to tens of thousands of Filipinos through our bancassurance distribution channel, tapping primarily the strong client base of EastWest nationwide," shares Glenn Williams, President & CEO. "; We've got a vision to reach more Filipinos and help them plan for a better tomorrow, so they can live their best lives today. Thus, we expand our distribution channels beyond the walls of EastWest stores––through our Agency Community.& Celebrating the milestone, EastWest Ageas Insurance recently opened its first Agency House at PBCom Tower in the heart of Makati's Central Business District, the first of many planned for Metro Manila and major cities nationwide.

"We aim not only to provide financial protection and products to as many Filipinos as possible but to provide them an additional job and earning opportunities as well. We welcome everyone into our Circle by becoming an EastWest Ageas Financial Consultant," says Jim DeLong, Chief Distribution Officer.

The "Circle of Life" is a philosophy of this newly launched Agency Community: Financial Consultants help more Filipinos better their lives through financial security by insurance solutions, while in return, giving themselves the career opportunities to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

"We strongly believe in building a community of camaraderie, wherein each of us helps and uplifts others," says Jek Hernandez, Chief Agency Officer. "This is vital to the growth and success of our circle. It will be a culture that cultivates, encourages, equips, and primes its members for success."

EastWest Ageas also unveiled three upcoming products under the new Agency channel: Future Assure, Future Assure Max, and Life Essentials. These are designed to provide clients with financial protection for their savings, education and retirement plans, and coverage for hospitalization and critical illness. These products will be available soon, exclusively through the channel's Financial Consultants.

Interested to be an EastWest Ageas Financial Consultant or Agency Leader? Join our "Circle of Life" sessions and learn about the business and career opportunities that await you. Message at!

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