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Comedy Group The KoolPals Turn Bashers’ Comments Into Collectible NFTs


The KoolPals is one of the leading podcast hosts in the Philippines composed of James Caraan, Gb Labrador, Muman Reyes, Ryan Rems, and Nonong Ballilan. The KoolPals, just like other comedians, are not immune to bashing and personal attacks from people on social media.

As a clever counter, GIGIL Metama, GIGIL Agency’s tech arm, pitched an idea to the KoolPals: instead of just living with their ever-present basher's comments, why not make money out of them by turning these comments into collectible NFT artworks?

GIGIL Metama specifically chose hate comments from the different social media pages of each of The KoolPals members. With the help of GIGIL Metama, they created 3D digital artworks that are literal translations of what each hate comment says. These witty and artful collectibles can now be bought via Stanible, an app that lets any content creator mint moments of their lives and turns them into NFT.

Fans of The KoolPals will be able to buy NFTs on the Stanible app once they load or top up their in-app wallet through different payment channels available on the platform.

Their accounts will then have coins that will be used to buy the NFTs they choose.

Here are 2 samples of THANKS, HATERS NFT:

James Caraan
"Liliit talaga ng utak." Mana lang sa nanay ng samabayanang pilipino kuno.
- Ra*s*n Jani R*s*l, 2022. Facebook Post Comment.

Nonong Ballilan
- L*r* Ce*r*c*, September 2022. YouTube Comment.

“Excited na kong lumabas ang THANKS, HATERS NFT dahil mapeperahan ko na ang mga bashers ko!” James Caraan, a member of The KoolPals says. “Abangan nyo din ang mga benefits na kasama ng NFT namin, na sa sobrang sulit, kahit bashers mapapabili.”

(Translation: I’m excited to fully launch THANKS, HATERS NFT because I will be able to make money out of my bashers. Stay tuned for the official list of benefits that come with each of our NFTs. Even haters will be enticed to purchase them because they have a great value for money!)

Jeano Cruz, Creative Director at GIGIL, remarks: “This is an exciting moment for us because we’re always looking forward to work with creative and passionate creators just like The KoolPals, and help more Filipino talents to kick-off their metaverse journey with a unique take that GIGIL always provides.”

For NFT, augmented reality, virtual reality and metaverse needs, reach out to GIGIL Metama at

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