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GIGIL Metama builds churches by turning Prayers into NFTs

GIGIL Metama

The evolution of technology has reached new heights in current times, as the rise of cryptocurrency and NFTs has built a new foundation for initiatives of public and private institutions.

Divine ArchiTech is the latest initiative of GIGIL Metama, GIGIL Agency Philippines’ tech arm, which combines faith and technology in a mission to help build churches around the world.

There has been a lack of physical churches around the world to service the faithful. Church construction fell by 6% in the last decade, and over 2,000 church buildings have closed in the United Kingdom alone. (Sources: Construction Dive, Christianity Today)

With the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and NFTs, Divine ArchiTech makes it possible to turn your personal prayers into digital art through ‘Made with Prayers.’

"Made with Prayers" is Divine ArchiTech's pioneering project. By donating to the cause, you will gain access to this unique feature that allows you to convert your prayers and hopes using AI to create artwork that can be minted and stored in personal digital wallets. Aside from storing them in digital wallets, you may also choose to donate your artwork to the Divine ArchiTech’s gallery and allow them to mint it into an NFT to earn more funds for the cause.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique digital tokens that can be owned. They are digital collectibles that can take any form–images, music, etc.

If you are interested in donating and collecting your prayer-turned-artwork NFT, you can follow the step-by-step guide below:

For donations and information about this initiative, please visit and @divine_architech on Instagram. With ‘Made with Prayers,’ you can help build churches with faith and technology.

For more information or inquiries about GIGIL Metama, you can email

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