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E-com Enabler Seller’s Hub, Inc. Helps More MSMEs in Cavite

Seller’s Hub, Inc

Known for its rich history and attractive topography and proximity to major business districts in the Philippines, Cavite remains one of the top choices to live, work, and play providing key necessities for businesses and lives to thrive.

Seller’s Hub, Inc

The development of industrial parks in many areas of Cavite, which paved the way for better infrastructures and road networks, pushed for its local economy to shift from an economy focused on agriculture to one focused on industry and real estate development. With its population now at more than 4 billion, it is serving as the province’s strength in capturing more businesses to open and expand in the province.

Among the top 10 riches provinces in the country according to the latest report published by the Commission on Audit (COA), Cavite has more than Php14 billion in assets that expand through various properties across the province. Thanks to its booming economy, Cavite’s cities and municipalities continue to be a top choice for local and international investors to be the location of their expansion programs. This includes the booming City of General Trias, which recently received the Most Business-Friendly Local Government Unit (LGU) City Level 2 (1st and 2nd Class Component City) in the recent 48th Philippine Business Conference and Exposition of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI).

Pushing Forward
With the recent accolades and development vested upon General Trias, it is considered one of the promising locations in the country with its vast potential for growth and development.

Providing a good balance of residential and commercial developments, General Trias is a first- class component city in Cavite with its major income source coming from industry and services.

Seller’s Hub, Inc

 “Cavite has been serving as one of the strongest supports of Metro Manila when it comes to manpower. With its proximity, many of Cavitenos are working in Metro Manila occupying different industries given our expertise and knowledge. But in recent years, this has been changing with the continued development of Cavite,” shared BK Rivera, CEO of Ecom enabler company Seller’s Hub, Inc.

In 6 years of operation, Seller’s Hub, Inc., which headquarters is located in General Trias, Cavite, proved that Cavite has indeed shifted from just merely a province in the Philippines, into a center of leisure and commerce offering key ingredients to make one’s business grow and be successful.

“Whether its road infrastructure, transportation terminal, and networks, to residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, the accelerated development of the province makes it more attractive not only for locals but also for international investors who are continuously seeking opportunities for growth and stability,” Rivera added.

All for the Locals
While international businesses and investors keep pouring into Cavite, many local businesses, specifically MSMEs are benefitting from these changes in the economic landscape of Cavite. With the continuous surge of international businesses comes the advancement of technology that amplifies more local enterprises to prosper.

“Seller’s Hub, Inc. wouldn’t be successful without the growth of Ecommerce in the Philippines. The growth of our company relies heavily on consumerism not only in the province or region but in the country and the Southeast Asia region. We’re fortunate that we now have better communication and logistic networks that help us reach more customers that bring high returns,” Rivera said.

Seller’s Hub, Inc. employs local Cavitenos for its manpower needs, and in the coming years, as it plans to expand outside Cavite, the company aims to continue empowering more Filipinos into venturing into Ecommerce and online business.

“Now that there are more avenues available for us to explore and prosper, it’s just a matter of time for Filipinos to achieve their goals in life. Just like how our first President, Emilio Aguinaldo, said it: ‘We cannot free ourselves unless we move forward united in a single desire,’” Rivera concluded.

Seller’s Hub, Inc. is aggressively expanding its reach within the country by expanding its product portfolio and pool of talents across the country. To know more about Sellers’ Hub, you may


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