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GLC CEO Erwin Co Highlights the Cloud Revolution in Communication at CloudxOS


TeLavi, a unified communications telephony solutions platform, took part in CloudxOS 2023, an innovation summit focused on technologies that accelerate digital transformation. GLC was represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Erwin Co, who delivered a keynote titled “Business Digital Transformation through Cloud Communications.” 

Co, who co-founded GLC in 2013, discussed in his keynote two of the biggest challenges enterprises are facing in this digital age: the modern workforce’s mindset of agile work and the high expectations of today’s consumers.

These challenges, Co pointed out, fall under the bigger challenge of providing modern, seamless communication, which is key in enabling remote and hybrid work. At the same time, it plays a crucial role in assisting companies as they try to meet customer expectations centered around exceptional service provided in omnichannel modes.

According to Co, one thing companies can do to address these concerns is leverage the cloud—something companies globally are doing more and more as the world moves firmly into the digital age. The cloud has been hailed the “great enabler” because of the benefits companies can gain from using it.

For instance, businesses using the cloud get easier access to the latest technologies, like artificial intelligence and automation, without necessarily building physical infrastructure.

Companies also gain flexibility, as they can scale their cloud use and the services they will avail of depending on their needs and IT budgets. They can even customize their applications and access these anywhere as long as there is internet connection.

The cloud also enables cloud communication, which Co described as the newest and easiest digital transformation tool because it offers unified communication. Meaning, it already includes voice services that replace traditional phone systems. This unified platform, in turn, enhances communication and enables collaboration, thereby increasing productivity anytime, anywhere.

This, ultimately, is one of the end-goals of modern businesses, and it is a goal Telavi has been helping businesses with for several years now.

Co cited as an example a retail company Telavi helped. This company was having problems with telephone connections that made it difficult for customers to get in touch. In order to help this retailer, Telavi deployed its Unified Communications–Cloud Telephony System to route delivery calls to the right branch for faster and more convenient ordering. TeLavi also assisted a bank with its communications-related issues. This bank already had a website with all its contact details featured on it. However, this website was poorly organized, which made it extremely difficult for customers to find the contact information they needed. TeLavi remedied this problem by installing in the same website TeLavi Click-to-Call, a one-click customer service system that made it easier and more convenient for customers to reach said bank.

It is precisely this use of technology that drives today’s digital transformation. Co, in his same keynote in CloudxOS 2023, emphasized that this transformation is inevitable, and businesses will need to keep up—or risk getting left behind.

Co, who curated a highly skilled, customer-centric team that now comprise GLC, has made it his mission to provide businesses of all sizes with the most compelling communication technology experience possible. He was one of a select crop of industry experts who shared in CloudxOS their insights on and knowledge of technology, digital transformation, and the cloud.

His company, GLC is now one of the country’s leading providers of unified communications and telephony solutions. Telavi, on the other hand, is helping organizations in their digital transformation journeys through innovative and up-to-date enterprise solutions.

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