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XTREME Appliances Launches GO Series: New Google TV


XTREME Appliances unveils a new series of television, expanding their existing offerings that include the Basic LED TV, V Series, and Android TV. Named “GO Series”, this newest addition will fall under the Google TV Series.


XTREME Appliances’ GO Series features an excellent viewing experience thanks to its 2K resolution for 32” and 43” Google TV and 4K resolution for 50”- 65” Google TV. It also has a full- screen design for full viewing experience. XTREME Google TV delivers more impressive features, users can download other apps on Google Play Store. In addition, it already has built-in Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Prime Video. For those who want high-quality and interactive home entertainment this is for you!

What’s new in Google TV?

1. Supports Multiple Accounts: You can add multiple user profiles.

2. Kids Profile: This will help you with age-appropriate. They can freely use the profile with only kids content.

3. OK Google: With OK Google, you can easily search and command using voice search.

4. Remote: You can now use your mobile phone as your remote with Google App.

5. One-click or one-command search: This feature helps users to find the movies/series they want to watch in one-command.

6. Improved Recommendations: Google TV has its “Self-learning Technology” that can help pick contents into your liking.


Google TV vs. Android TV: What’s the difference?
Google TV and Android TV may appear similar at first glance but they actually have significant differences. Both operating systems are developed by Google, Google TV offers a higher level of personalization compared to Android TV. The former uses an algorithm that takes into account the content you watch. It learns your preferences and provides tailored suggestions accordingly. The Android TV, on the other hand, focuses on recommending apps based on installed applications.

Both televisions support voice commands. However, Android TV enables voice commands for content searches; while the other, Google TV goes a step further by being able to use the voice command for more specific actions and requests, allowing for a more refined and seamless user experience.

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