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EmpowHER: Game-Changing Biz Hacks from Trailblazing Women Entrepreneurs


As Christmas nears, entrepreneurs are finding smart ways to boost business productivity. Enstack, the digital business app supporting women entrepreneurs, invited businesswomen to share their innovative 'business hacks' at the EmpowHER: Christmas Bazaar in Bonifacio Global City on November 30, 2023.

EFR Subic Yacht Rentals
EFR Subic Yacht Rentals

Enrilyn Lee of EFR Subic Yacht Rentals shared that they successfully transformed their business by leveraging Enstack's digital tools to accept debit and credit card payments. Through Enstack's easy onboarding process, they can now accommodate international card payments, expanding their market and attracting a global clientele.

"We've adopted credit card transactions as our primary payment method, utilizing Enstack's mobile POS and generating payment links for buyers. This convenient solution has opened doors to a broader customer base, ensuring secure transactions. It feels like having an extra department, an extra helping hand in our business," shared Lee.

Scarlet Enterprise
Local Seller Strip it!

Enstack has also played a pivotal role in the growth journey of businesses like Scarlet Enterprise. Arlette Alvarado, Founder and General Manager of Scarlet Enterprise, reflects on their 17-year journey "Our business, which began as a humble retail venture, has now become our bread and butter. Today, we predominantly engage in B2B transactions through distributorship, and Enstack's seamless sales invoicing feature has been the key to making this remarkable transition possible."


Macy Castillo, CEO and co-founder of Enstack, believes in the potential of Filipino entrepreneurs and emphasizes the important role of MSMEs in the country’s overall economic growth.

Local Seller Hiraya Pilipina
Local Seller Hiraya Pilipina

“At Enstack, we believe that everyone has the potential to be a successful entrepreneur with the right tools, access, and resources. We encourage our users to challenge the conventional use of our app and adapt and tailor it to their unique business needs. The innovative ways in which our users employ Enstack's features not only demonstrate their resourcefulness and adaptability but also embody our mission to empower entrepreneurs. We are committed to providing a platform that fosters such entrepreneurial spirit and innovation," stated Castillo.

Local seller BJCY Tampipi Baskets

Moreover, other women entrepreneurs highlighted how Enstack's inventory monitoring, invoicing, payment collection, and shipping features streamlined their operations.

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