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Have a Merry Christmas with HATASU ebike

HATASU ebike

Tis' the season to be jolly! What better way to reward yourself by getting an ebike for your daily travel needs? And here’s three (3) reasons why you should!

● Budget-Friendly Vehicle Alternative - Compared to cars or motorcycles, the HATASU ebikes cost less than P70k but deliver the same functions as a traditional vehicle making it more affordable and will save you a lot of money especially if you are a frequent short-distance traveler. There are multiple installment options available as well.

● No gas needed - With the rising gas prices, more and more are finding alternative ways to go around, and since ebikes are powered by electricity with no gas needed! You're therefore able to save whilst still meeting your riding needs.

● Lower maintenance cost - Ebike batteries usually last for up to 2-3 years before they need to be replaced. This is relatively cheaper than the monthly maintenance cost of owning a traditional gas-powered vehicle.

With all the available options out there, picking the right ebike can be a challenge but no worries! Because we found an ebike brand that has a variety of models that you can pick from depending on your lifestyle.

HATASU ebike is a mobility solution brand that’s been establishing its influence in the local market. Their aim is to provide safe, value-for-money, and sustainable products that address the pain points of every Filipino. Whether you need a vehicle for school, work, business, family and or community use, they got it all for you!

To help you pick which HATASU ebike best fits your needs and budget, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list below.

HATASU ebike

₱20,000-₱25,000 Budget: HATASU KUMI 2023, best for students and young professionals always on the go! Are you a student or young professional who’s tired of commuting everyday but at the same need to save costs?

We recommend the KUMI 2023, a two-wheeler ebike that’ll help you go to school and/or your workplace hassle-free. It’s a basic ebike that’s easy to use but has all the features you need. In terms of specifications, it’s equipped with a Lead-Acid Battery, has a speed of 25 kph Max and can go up to 40-50 kms Range. This makes it also perfect for people who need a vehicle for short-range travel so they can run their errands just within their vicinity. Plus it's easier to maintain and you wouldn't have a hard time looking for parking! If you’re not privy with the specs, the KUMI 2023 comes with a Front Basket where you can store your bags and other items and it has a 110kgs Load Capacity.

The KUMI 2023 comes in two colorways: All Black and Black/Red.

HATASU ebike

₱26,000-₱30,000 Budget: HATASU NERO Lite, the two-wheeler upgrade you need! Maybe you already own a motorcycle or bike but you need to cut maintenance and gas costs or you’re just exhausted having to pedal all the way to places. If you can relate to this, then it's time for an ebike upgrade with the NERO Lite!

With features like a Park Button that keeps the ebike securely motionless when parked even when on a hill or a steep road, a Speed Selector so you can control over the speed of the ebike and a durable Digital Display where you can see panel information like battery status, speed & mileage clearly even in broad daylight. The NERO Lite also comes with an Underseat Compartment and additional backseat with backrest so another passenger can ride with you or it can be transformed to hold delivery boxes, making NERO Lite a suitable and cost-efficient alternative for delivery riders.

The NERO Lite comes in three color options: Red, White and Grey.

HATASU ebike

₱35,000-₱40,000 Budget: HATASU HARU, the compact three-wheeler for everyJuan! Now here’s an interesting one! Usually, when you think of a 3-wheeler ebike, it's the tricycle type usually meant for 3-4 persons. But what if you just need an ebike for yourself? And you don’t know how to balance a bike? Well even in this very specific situation, HATASU has got the solution for you with its HARU ebike.

The HARU is a compact three-wheeler that seats one person with an additional backseat. Equipped with beginner-friendly features, even someone with no prior experience of driving an ebike can easily hop on and use it! It has a 180kg Load Capacity, a powerful 500W Differential Motor, a Wider Footboard, a Cushioned saddle seat and a Front Basket too.

The HARU comes in Red/Black colorway.

HATASU ebike

₱50,000-₱60,000 Budget: HATASU MAKO 2, best cost-saving vehicle for families! While the two-wheeler ebikes are for singles always on the go, the MAKO 2 is best for families. Packed family friendly features such a Motorcycle Suspension Fork which compensates for bumps and uneven road, a Stainless Front Fender for corrosion resistance, and a Larger Front Wheel for better grip on the road, making it safe to use for families; plus it can seat up to 3 persons at a time. Parents can use it to fetch their kids from school or to run errands to the supermarket, laundry store, bank, and more. Families are also sure to enjoy their weekend because the MAKO 2 can bring them anywhere, anytime! May it be the mall, restaurant, and/or the park.

The MAKO 2 comes in two colorways: All Black and Black/Grey.

HATASU ebike

₱60,000-₱65,000 Budget: HATASU HERO, the multi-use, easy go ebike for everyone! The recently launched HERO ebike is the brand’s latest 3-wheeler designed to answer every Filipinos riding needs. The HERO aims to become the most practical solution and alternative mobility tool for all, whether it be for household use, service, business, errands and even community.

With its unique Dual Eagle-Eye Headlight that is 3X brighter compared to ordinary ones and is visible even in broad daylight, a Front Splash Guard (ABS Plastic Cover), and a durable Patented Leather Roof and Back Cover that’ll protect you from heat, rain and even pollutions, the HERO surely saves the day!

True to its Multi-Ride, Easy Use, tagline, the HERO comes with multiple storage options from an Underseat Compartment that can load up to 150kgs to a Back Compartment that can hold up to 20 kgs. It also has a 12V Converter that’s responsible for lower power usage of the wiper, signal lights and tail light without affecting overall performance. Another key selling point here is that it has a USB Port Charging where you can charge your devices; the best part, it has minimal effect on the battery life of the ebike.

The HERO comes in two colorways: All Black and Black/Grey.

HATASU ebike

And because it's the season to be jolly, the brand recently launched its HATASU Holiwheels Christmas Campaign which is filled with activities and offers you can enjoy!

Be one of the 44 winners of their hatasurprize pool of 300k+ when you join the HATASU HOLIWHEELS RAFFLE PROMO!

Hop on a holiday adventure with HATASU ebike and earn multiple chances to win when you purchase your dream HATASU ebike from November 15 to December 31, 2023 at all their participating stores and authorized dealers nationwide which you can check in this link. Be sure to check this post (link) to find out how to join.


For every purchase of any HATASU ebikes starting November 15 (until supplies last) you can get the added FREEBIES + additional raffle entries! You can find out more here (link) Even the newly launched HERO comes with a HATASU Gift Box worth P1,790!

Get the HATASU experience during the HATASU CHRISTMAS CARAVAN! True to their mission of becoming a driving force in the electric mobility landscape whilst ensuring accessibility to everyone, the brand is bringing the HATASU experience nationwide wherein fans can test drive the ebikes of their dreams and enjoy booth activities with freebies. HATASU concluded their caravan at Bohol, Cabanatuan, Davao, and Pangasinan.

They’ll be having their Laguna and NCR stop this Dec 15 -16. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

HATASU ebike becomes even more HATASULIT with its installment offers! For HATASU ebike, investing on a sustainable vehicle doesn’t have to mean you have to spend a lot. The brand also has installment offers available for their customers via Home Credit, AEON Credit Financing and other In-House Financing from some of the biggest dealer stores in the country: EMCOR, Home Along, K-Servico and more!

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