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Maya Launches Hassle-free Trading of PSE Stocks


Filipinos can now invest in over 280 publicly listed companies in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) with just a few clicks on the phone, thanks to Maya, the #1 Digital Bank App in the Philippines, and its local Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-licensed stockbroker partners.
Maya today launches Maya Stocks, the first retail investing service in the Philippines integrated in a digital bank app, offering real-time transactions and instant earnings growth through the app’s diverse wealth-building options. This service enriches the already expansive and game-changing Maya app, which offers savings, borrowing, spending, insurance, crypto trading, and rewards.

By December 15, Maya app users can conveniently buy, sell, and manage shares of publicly listed companies acquired anytime and from anywhere via the Maya Stocks marketplace through partner brokers Philstocks, and soon, 2TradeAsia, DragonFi and Seedbox. It is the only digital bank app that offers investors their choice of broker and investment terms.

“We’re pioneering a new era of access to investments – making it simpler, faster, and more seamless. With Maya Stocks, we are transforming the Philippine investment landscape with instant transactions and all-in-one digital banking experience, accelerating the nation’s journey towards broader investment ownership,” said Shailesh Baidwan, Maya Group President and Co-Founder of Maya Bank. “Congratulations to SEC for its progressive moves in driving capital development and financial literacy.”

The launch was marked by a symbolic partnership ceremony with Maya, SEC, PSE, and its partner stockbrokers.

“The SEC is committed to providing Filipinos greater access to legitimate investments. To this end, we welcome innovations and, at the same time, remain vigilant and proactive in protecting the investing public,” said SEC Chairperson Emilio B. Aquino.

“The PSE welcomes and supports the launch of Maya Stocks, through Maya and its partners. Your partnership serves as a strong ally of both SEC and PSE not only in investor education, but more importantly, in providing a solution to potential retail investors,” said PSE President and CEO Ramon Monzon.

Baidwan anticipates that Maya Stocks will further deepen digital adoption, especially among bank customers who already engage 2 to 4 times more than those using only e-wallets.

Revolutionizing stock trading in PH
Currently, only about 1% of adult Filipinos with investments place their money in stocks, bonds, UITFs, mutual funds, or other managed investment schemes. A 2021 Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas survey revealed Filipinos’ eagerness to invest but identified barriers such as resource constraints or difficulty in finding suitable products.

Maya addresses these challenges, simplifying the investment process and maximizing potential gains. Unlike traditional platforms requiring one to two days for transaction completion, Maya facilitates real-time cash-ins and withdrawals from stocks, enabling users to manage their investments instantaneously.

Moreover, earnings from Maya Stocks can be reinvested in other wealth-building building services such as Maya Save and Maya Funds, or used for daily financial needs like bill payments and shopping – all within the app. Frequent transactions also strengthen users' digital footprint, providing credit scores to unlock access to loans.

Democratizing investment for all
Maya Stocks aims to empower more Filipinos to start building their wealth earlier, thus contributing to the growth of retail investors in the stock market.

Joseph Tarrobal, Director/Chief Revenue Officer of Philstocks, noted, “Partnering with Maya is a milestone. Together, we’re eliminating barriers and introducing new financial opportunities for Filipinos.”

Chase Yap, Executive Vice President of 2TradeAsia, echoed this sentiment: “We’re happy to collaborate with Maya as we are able to craft smarter, more intuitive investing journey for Filipinos, democratizing access for everyone."

“With Maya, we are fulfilling our goal to build a technology-driven ecosystem of wealth-building tools that empower Filipinos to achieve their life goals,” said John Carlo Lim, CEO of DragonFi.

Maya Stocks is the latest feature launched under Maya Invest, Maya’s wealth-building product suite. Maya Funds, rolled out in October, allows users to start investing for as low as PHP50 in Unit Investment Trust Funds managed by ATRAM Trust Corporation and Mutual Funds managed by BIMI. Meanwhile, Maya Crypto enables users to get started on their cryptocurrency journey for as low as PHP1.

Maya is the #1 Fintech Ecosystem in the Philippines, with Maya, the #1 Digital Bank, and Maya Business, the #1 Omni-Channel Payment Processor.

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