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Triple Triumph: Hoyoverse’s ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ Wins Big at TGA 2023, Claiming Top Mobile Game Awards

Honkai: Star Rail

After the unveiling of the awards at The Game Awards (TGA) 2023, Hoyoverse has once again set an impressive record.

“Honkai: Star Rail” a space fantasy RPG game developed and published by Hoyoverse, has been honored with the Google Play Best of 2023 Best Game, the 2023 iPhone Game of the Year, and the TGA 2023 BEST MOBILE GAME. Remarkably, these accolades were achieved in its first year since launch.

This marks a first for Hoyoverse: securing all three top-tier awards within the first year of a product’s launch, a feat that may also be unprecedented in the entire mobile gaming industry. For those familiar with “Honkai: Star Rail,” this success is not entirely surprising. 

The game’s achievements are backed by solid evidence: over 30 million global pre-registrations before its official release, and a staggering $5 billion in revenue in its first month alone. Not to mention its top-seller status across various app markets, “Honkai: Star Rail” has quickly become a ubiquitous presence.

The game’s high quality, stunning artwork, and captivating character designs have won the hearts and attention of players worldwide.

Following the release of a new promotional video for “Honkai: Star Rail” during the TGA livestream, players are abuzz with excitement about the game’s upcoming content. The introduction of The Black Swan and first-look at new characters sparked widespread discussion and speculation about their identities and designs. Gamers will expect more outstanding gaming products and record-setting achievements from HoYoverse.

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