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The Evolution of Braking: Brembo’s Impact on PH Automotive Industry

BSB Junrose-Brembo

The most avid car enthusiasts from all over the globe would usually associate the name ‘Brembo’ for delivering the best and most reliable brakes for car racers. However, common vehicle owners know for a fact that the brand is also available for their requirements.

Brembo’s own history defines the mere evolution of braking. The Italian company began by making disc brake conversion kits that are designed for cars in 1961. In the 1970s, it shifted to developing brake systems for motorcycles, which rose in popularity during that era. It was 1975 when the brand entered Formula 1, thanks to Enzo Ferrari who personally asked Brembo to design the brake system for Ferrari’s then latest racing vehicle.

BSB Junrose-Brembo

In the 1980s, Brembo emerged as the brake system supplier for premium racing car Porsche. Not surprisingly, the brand has been developing brakes for other racing series since then. It has also become a standard choice for high-performance road cars—creating a unique market that caters to both worlds.

For more than 60 years, Brembo has set history by taking a growth path paved with technological, sports, and commercial milestones. No wonder, it has taken the status of a braking authority not just in its home market in Italy but also worldwide. In fact, in many countries, the name has become synonymous with ‘brakes’, especially for the most meticulous and sophisticated car enthusiasts.

Brembo as a solution provider
After conquering markets across Europe, North America, and Asia, Brembo has been gearing up to a new journey towards becoming an authority as a Solution Provider, facilitating the integration of digital and sustainable automotive products and services.

BSB Junrose-Brembo

In the Philippines, Brembo has started making waves as a top choice for the replacement of brake discs and pads. The brand is also expanding its local portfolio of products offered to highly discerning Filipino automotive enthusiasts. BSB Junrose is proud to distribute the best Brembo products and parts nationwide.

“Brembo seamlessly aligns with our company’s mantra, ‘good enough isn’t good enough,’ this, we confidently carry the brand through our partner stores and esteemed dealers,” said Ian Bangayan, the newly installed President of BSB Junrose Corporation, a major distributor of Brembo products in the Philippines.

Brembo’s strategic vision
“The strategic vision, ‘Turning Energy into Inspiration’ is anchored on Brembo’s extensive experience in its over 60-year history. Interestingly, BSB Junrose also relies on our own 55-year expertise, which drives us to constantly settle for nothing less,” Bangayan added.

BSB Junrose commits to bringing the best of Brembo, not just through distributing the products but also through helping local automakers and consumers understand and appreciate the benefits brought to the table by Brembo’s cutting-edge braking technology. Ask the personnel in the company’s dealer stores and they will accurately identify key points and highlight the pros and cons, to the utmost benefit of customers.

“Our customers are constantly exploring for the best possible options. Surprisingly, in the past few months, several owners of entry-level vehicles are considering Brembo products. Truly, the brand is not exclusive to just high-end cars. We believe that every car deserves a Brembo,” Bangayan concluded.

Visit any of BSB Junrose’s locations or dealers nationwide to inquire about and purchase Brembo products. You may also check out BSB Junrose’s FB Page or text/call 0917 165 8111.

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