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Through its New Partnerships with Consumer Finance Platforms, Igloo Extends Access to Insurance to the Underbanked


As part of its commitment to advancing financial inclusion and providing insurance for all, regional insurtech Igloo has partnered with consumer finance platforms in the Philippines to offer gadget protection products to shoppers. Igloo aims to extend access to insurance products and streamline the process of protecting items purchased through digital loans or alternative financing, whether online or in-store, providing consumers with a more accessible and convenient means to secure their purchases effectively.

“While the Philippines has made notable strides in financial inclusion, a considerable portion of the population remains unbanked. This translates to the inability to establish a credit history, which is essential for accessing financial products such as credit cards and loans,” said Roberto Vea, Commercial Lead at Igloo Philippines. “This is why the consumer lending industry has risen by leaps and bounds–it caters to the needs of the unbanked population by providing alternative financial solutions such as digital loans that do not rely on traditional banking infrastructure."

Lower barriers to entry, competitive interest rates, and simplified application processes have facilitated Filipinos' access to crucial loan products, driving the popularity of installment financing and buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) schemes. BNPL, in particular, is forecasted to reach US$2.29 billion by 2024. Many of these loans are facilitated in physical retail outlets, offering consumers the flexibility to make purchases and arrange financing conveniently in-store.

"At Igloo, we firmly believe in being where we can impact consumers most. That’s why we partnered with leading digital lending companies Skyro and Salmon alongside Etiqa to develop a product designed to protect installment purchases and ensure accessibility wherever our customers are,” Vea explained. “Now, they can protect their purchases wherever they buy it–whether through online merchants or offline stores, we’re giving them the peace of mind they deserve.”

In partnership with Etiqa, Igloo has introduced innovative products like Gadget Protection, Loan Protect with Skyro, and Loan Protect with Salmon. Soon, Salmon, Etiqa, and Igloo will also launch Accidental Damage and/or Liquid Damage, along with Extended Warranty products. These offerings provide comprehensive protection for customers' purchases through consumer finance platforms.

These products provide extensive coverage for device repairs, replacements, and loan repayments in the event of unexpected incidents that impact the customer. These protection products are available in top mobile and appliance stores nationwide.

The process is simple: when a customer purchases a device, the insurance product is seamlessly integrated into the client's loan amount. This integration ensures that premium payments are effortless, hassle-free, and budget-friendly.

Once the policy is active, Gadget Protection will step in if the consumer faces device issues requiring repairs or replacements. The policy covers the costs associated with these services, providing the customer with peace of mind and financial security.

“We are committed to our mission of providing ‘insurance for all’ and that includes safeguarding purchases made by an underserved sector because it offers a layer of financial protection that they may not otherwise have access to. We will continue to work with our partners to develop products that cater to the diverse needs of the people we serve,” Vea ended.

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