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B Hotel Quezon City Pastry Corner Express: Your Go-To Destination for Delectable Treats on the Go

B Hotel Quezon City

B Hotel Quezon City unveils its Pastry Corner Express, the perfect solution for busy individuals looking to satisfy their cravings while on the go. An extension of Pastry Corner, this convenient “Express” outlet offers a wide range of pastries, cakes, coffees, and juices designed for people on the go. 

With Pastry Corner Express, customers no longer need to go inside B Hotel Quezon City just to enjoy their favorite treats. Instead, they can simply drop by the express outlet located outside the hotel and bring their delicious snack or beverage with them.

B Hotel Quezon City 
  B Hotel Quezon City

Assorted Ensaymada Chocolate Crepe Cake

Pastry Corner at Your Reach
For those who are not located in Quezon City, don’t fret. Pastry Corner's excellence isn't limited to Quezon City. Patrons can also relish in the same delightful offerings at The Bellevue Manila, B Hotel Alabang, and The Bellevue Resort in Bohol. Additionally, Pastry Corner will be available for delivery via GrabFood, providing even more accessibility for customers to enjoy their favorite pastries, cakes, coffees, and juices from the comfort of their own home.

B Hotel Quezon City 

Chicken and Pesto Panini Smoked Turkey & Emmental Sandwich

Delectable New Creations
Savor the delectable flavors of the newest culinary creations at Pastry Corner, also available at Pastry Corner Express: Chicken and Pesto Panini, a harmonious blend of succulent chicken, aromatic pesto, and melted cheese, grilled to perfection in a fluffy panini; and Smoked Turkey & Emmental Sandwich, indulging in layers of smokey turkey, Emmental cheese, crisp greens, and savory sauce, all nestled between slices of freshly baked bread. From freshly baked pastries to decadent cakes, aromatic coffees, and refreshing healthy juices, Pastry Corner Express provides a diverse selection to cater to every palate. Whether you're in the mood for a sweet treat or a revitalizing beverage, Pastry Corner Express has you covered.

B Hotel Quezon CityLeft to right: Lemon Honey; Lemon Cucumber; Carrot Apple

Healthy Options at Pastry Corner Express
Pastry Corner Express is dedicated to offering a wide range of healthy options for those who are mindful of their dietary choices. In addition to their delicious pastries and cakes, they provide a variety of gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free treats to cater to different dietary needs and preferences. Their new lineup of healthy detox juices includes the hydrating Lemon Cucumber juice, rich in essential vitamins C and K, which aids in detoxification. The Carrot Apple juice offers a cleansing boost, known for its ability to remove toxins from the digestive system and promote overall wellness. Lastly, the Lemon Honey juice, a delightful blend of lemon and honey, helps increase immunity. These healthful beverages, along with their assortment of allergen-free treats, ensure that every visit to Pastry Corner Express is both refreshing and nourishing.

B Hotel Quezon City

B Hotel Quezon City
Interior Design by Kenj So

Designed by Kenj So
Pastry Corner Express boasts a remarkable interior by acclaimed designer Kenj So, a specialist in industrial design with over a decade of experience. Featured prominently in Real Living, Kenj’s work is known for its blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Inspired by the hotel's industrial aesthetic, Kenj highlighted often-overlooked elements like pipes to bring unique character to the space. His ability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary industrial havens is vividly displayed at Pastry Corner Express.

Discover the convenience and indulgence of Pastry Corner Express at B Hotel Quezon City and other select locations. For inquiries and orders, contact Pastry Corner Express at (+632) 8990 5000 or visit

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