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Cavite Surf2Sawa Dealers Traverse Road to Success with Top-notch Prepaid Fiber Services

Converge ICT Solutions-Surf2Sawa

Surf2Sawa (S2S), the prepaid fiber internet brand of Converge ICT Solutions, has served as a gateway for many Filipinos to benefit from broadband connectivity. For an affordable price, it has allowed people to embrace a lifestyle where their day-to-day activities are powered by technology.

But apart from the value it brings to users, this prepaid broadband solution has, likewise, significantly transformed the lives of Converge S2S partners who ensure that the service reaches customers wherever they are.

Converge ICT Solutions-Surf2Sawa

For the owners of S2S dealership company Pits Telecom in Cavite, the solution completely turned their lives around, as it opened paths for better livelihood. From being installers and technicians, Garry Inaclang, Eleazar Papa, and Melvin Baysa made the bold decision to expand their horizons and take on the challenge of entrepreneurship.

“Nu’ng una, medyo hesitant kaming pumasok sa S2S kasi ang expertise namin ay sa technical side. Dahil wala kaming masyadong expertise sa sales, kasi sa S2S kasama rin ang sales; medyo hesitant kami. Kalaunan, na-convince kaming tatlo na, Tara, sige, subukan nation. "Wala namang mawawala,” said Eleazar.

In March 2023, they pioneered Surf2Sawa in Cavite. Maximizing what they can do as a three-man team, they worked closely in attracting new customers, from posting on social media, doing house-to-house selling, setting up connections, doing repairs, and even selling prepaid load.

A few months after they started operations, their hard work bore fruit as more customers were drawn to the service with the help of satisfied subscribers spreading the word about S2S.

From installing one to two households a day, they started connecting 12 to 15 customers a day in less than a year. Their installation crew multiplied from one team with only three members – composed of the founders themselves – to a total of six teams across Cavite. They also employed sales agents, making the marketing aspect more efficient, especially on social media.

“Last year, wala pang S2S sa Cavite. Nu'ng in-introduce namin ang S2S sa Cavite, hirap an hirap kami kasi bago 'to; unlimited internet, fiber, prepaid, P700 monthly. Kaya yung mga tao [nagtatanong], "Totoo ba, yan?" Pero kalaunan, unti-unti nang nakilala. Ngayon, client na and naghahanap sa amin. Dati, kami ang naghahanap; hirap na hirap kami. Ngayon, sila na and naghahanap sa amin,” Garry narrates.

The Pits Telecom founders are grateful for the opportunities that have come their way through S2S. They are especially thankful that they now have more time to spend with their families, with their focus being on managing the business.

Not only that, they also learned to create opportunities for themselves and broaden further their earning potential. Out of their profits from Pits Telecom, they also established a small-scale laundry service in their area, Pits Laundry, which they named after the S2S dealership.

“Hawak na namin ang oras namin. Kahit papano, may na-expand kaming maliit na business -- yung laundry business, pinangalan din namin s'ya kay Pits -- Pits Laundry. Para bukod sa Pits na telecom, meron pa kaming laundry na extra income,” said Melvin.

Right now, what the three only wish for is to expand their business to continuously empower Cavite households with affordable and reliable fiber internet connection. Through their installation teams and agents on board, Pits Telecom hopes to enable the whole of Cavite, and if given the chance, build up even further to neighboring provinces.

Their dedication to what they do through Surf2Sawa reflects their desire to better their lives, inspired by the television character Pepito Manaloto or Pareng Pits, after whom they named their company.

“Gusto naming gayahin 'yung naging buhay ni Pepito Manaloto – ni Pareng Pits. Baka sakali, dahil kay S2S, umasenso na kami. Ayun po ang istorya ng Pits,” Eleazar noted.

Watch their full story herehere.

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