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Converge ICT Time of Day Provides Customizable Internet Plans For Both Businesses & Residential Customers

Converge ICT

As the pandemic continuously brings about new challenges for Filipinos, both in businesses and in residences, everyone keeps looking for ways to adapt to the changes. 

Large businesses and small-and-medium enterprises strive to bring efficiency to a workplace that is now transitioning to a more digital space, while individuals have been shifting their internet consumption at home to accommodate their daily needs and habits.

To address their customers’ increasingly-demanding connectivity requirements, Converge ICT has recently introduced their new Time of Day products - a range of cost-efficient internet plans that fit the consumers’ internet requirements, whether they are managing large or small- and-medium sized businesses, or working and relaxing at home.

“Right now, for our customers to better adjust to the changing norms, they need a tool that adjusts to them as well. By introducing our Converge Time of Day products, we aim to provide our subscribers from all segments custom internet options, giving them more bandwidth when needed and, equally important, enabling them to save on costs,” Converge ICT Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero said.

With Converge Time of Day, enterprises, SMEs, and residential customers will be able to experience twice the speed of their subscribed bandwidth during their chosen preset period, without having to double their monthly subscription fee.

“We know how important it is to have a reliable internet service that allows you to do more with additional bandwidth while allocating your valued resources where you need it,” Romero added.

For the Enterprise business segment, Converge Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access Time of Day provides resources that will help the business run efficiently during its preferred work schedule. Created for SMEs, Converge FlexiBIZ has flexible plans for companies that have peak working hours during the day, doubling the subscribed internet speed from 7:00AM-6:59PM.

Homeowners and residential customers will also be able to experience this speed boost with Converge FiberX Time of Day. Offering two plans, Day Plan or Night Plan, subscribers will be able to maximize their budget while getting two times the internet bandwidth during their chosen time of the day.

New and existing customers may easily avail of this plan through the website, hotline, and sales representatives. For enterprises, on the other hand, there are designated account managers to assist in customization of their plans according to their specific needs.

“No matter how varied our customers’ internet consumption requirements are, Converge ICT remains committed to providing the Filipino people with fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity options,” said Romero.

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