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Light Up Your World with LG OLED TV


LG changes the game once more with its groundbreaking self-lit pixel technology. Constantly evolving, the global technology giant has outdone itself with its upgraded OLED TV line. 


LG builds upon its impressive experience in innovating to showcase self-lit pixels that offer spectacular picture quality and a whole host of design possibilities, while the latest cutting-edge technologies help deliver unprecedented levels of wonder. This is everything you love about TV — elevated in every way.

LG OLED offers infinitely better contrast than other TVs. The self-lit pixels are able to provide unrivaled contrast as they turn on and off to achieve perfect blacks and infinite contrast. LED and Mini LED TVs use backlights that are not self-emissive. This means they can't create perfect black and can also suffer from the halo effect. Self-lit pixels don't have this problem — there's no light bleed and no halo, so you get perfect black and better image quality. Because of its self-lit pixels, LG OLED TVs also offer a better, ultra-slim silhouette.

Color reproduction is also top notch. LG OLED TVs not only express perfect black, but also original color. Intertek, a global testing agency based in the UK, has certified that LG OLED displays have 100% color fidelity. This means on-screen colors closely match those of the original image. LED TVs simply can't match this standard of color reproduction.

The new panel has also been redesigned with an added layer made of a stronger emissive material that refines the wavelengths of light. This increases efficiency and improves brightness with the same amount of light input. The materials used for OLED lighting have also been changed to enhance and strengthen light intensity. The result of all this is a brighter, sharper image, and a better viewing experience.

LG Philippines’ Managing Director Mr. Sungjae Kim says “We are happy to be able to deliver a different, unrivaled viewing experience to all Filipinos because of the LG OLED TVs. Self-lit pixel technology is as groundbreaking as it gets and we foresee this innovation to be key in pushing the envelope further.”

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