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YouTube Works Awards year 2: Taking Creativity to the Next Level

YouTube Works

After its successful inaugural run, YouTube Works Awards, in partnership with Kantar, returns to the Philippines to celebrate brands and brilliant talents behind the most creative and effective advertising campaigns on YouTube. Applications are now open until May 27, 2022.

“In 2021, we saw brands tell amazing stories despite the challenges of what turned out to be a tumultuous year. With restrictions now easing in the Philippines, we look forward to seeing how marketers are taking their insighting and creativity a notch higher to engage with consumers who are hopeful and excited to enter the world changed by the pandemic,” said Gabby Roxas, Head of Marketing at Google Philippines.

This year, seven categories are up for grabs: Brands as Creators, Best Collaboration, Force for Good, Best Personalization, Best Storytelling, The Challenger, and Grand Prix.

The Challenger award is a pivot from last year’s David award, which now opens the category to a wider set of contenders. The award honors the brand that is able to implement an ambitious campaign that successfully created traction, resulting in powerful business results. To be chosen amongst all category winners, the Grand Prix winner must exhibit well-rounded performance in all aspects that truly make a mark in the market.

Last year, both awards were given to RC Cola’s “Basta” campaign for its bravery in taking creative risks and demonstrating excellence throughout the entire creation process. The campaign not only garnered a massive viewership of seven million, but also boosted RC Cola’s sales by 63%.

The Best Personalization award looks for a campaign that delivers the most creative and personalized ads through contextual targeting. The award went unclaimed in 2021 and YouTube is challenging brands to be the first winner of the category.

The entries will be screened by data and insight consultancy firm Kantar, who will look across all the cases submitted to surface insights and stats on what an effective work on YouTube means and what products and strategies were the most successful.

“Witnessing how brands creatively harnessed insights and took risks despite the challenges of the pandemic was truly impressive,” said Gary de Ocampo, President, Kantar Philippines. “As YouTube Works Awards returns, we look forward to seeing how both brands and audiences have since evolved in developing and experiencing branded content.”

To enter the YouTube Works awards, submit entries at The eligibility period is from April 11, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

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