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Santé Celebrates 15 Years of Improving People's Lives


Santé, a leading provider of natural health and wellness products and services, celebrates a new milestone as it enters its 15th year of helping people in living healthier lives.

Santé executives, staff, and top distributors participated in a motorcade from the Santé Fitness Lab on Daang Hari Road to the Santé International Headquarters in Silang, Cavite, which culminated in the brand's inauguration.

In 2007, Santé was initially introduced in the Philippines. The company was founded by a group of direct selling veterans with the intention of offering its different health and wellness goods and providing business opportunities to a network of distributors.

Since then, it has been committed to helping everyone live better lives so they can live more and do more for their loved ones. As Santé keeps this mission close to heart, it has been a prime mover in the health and wellness industry. 

In honor of the brand's 15th anniversary, here are its major achievements throughout the years.

The expansion of Santé during the past fifteen years.
In 2008, Santé teamed with New Zealand farms certified by BioGro, New Zealand's top organization for organic produce and products. The company then manufactured and marketed a 3g sachet of Santé Pure Barley in the country, followed by the introduction of the product in capsule form.

Then, testimonials regarding the health benefits of Santé Barley began to arrive. And when business owners' branches and profits grew, the health and wellness brand developed rapidly.

In 2011, Fusion Coffee was added to the company's product line. In addition, the company debuted its Bath & Body and Intimate Care Series with the introduction of C'estBon anti-aging soap and Moments' napkin and tampon liners. In the same year, Santé introduced Kim "Kuya Kim" Atienza as the brand ambassador for Santé Barley.

Santé's chief executive officer, Joey Marcelo, founded the Santé Barley Tri-Team in 2012 in an effort to underline the company's commitment to helping people live healthier lifestyles.

Santé added the Fit N' Trim Green Tea Lemon with L-Carnitine to its Health Beverage & Snack Series in 2013. In 2014, the firm established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Santé Health and Fitness, Inc. (SHAFI), which offers comprehensive approaches to living a better lifestyle.

The following year, the health and wellness company introduced the Santé Impact System (SImS), a fitness and sports rehabilitation center, as part of its Santé Health and Fitness services, as well as FibrEnergy, barley, chia, and oats-based beverage snack. It was followed by the launch of Santé Barley Max, the company's retail brand.

Santé entered the UAE market in 2016. And in 2017, the brand achieved 100 branches with over 100,000 registered business owners in countries including the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Nigeria.

Simultaneously, the company established Santé R.A.W., a subsidiary specialized in retail and wholesale, and launched Soleil Marula Oil with Santé Barley Extract and Lavender in its Skincare Series. Santé also established Santé New Zealand, Ltd. in order to increase its presence in New Zealand.

As Santé grew in Singapore, Qatar, and Cyprus in 2018, it also entered Macau and Lagos, Nigeria in 2019, while collaborating with Ayala Land to make Santé Fitness Lab available at Vermosa Sports Hub in Cavite. Aside from that, the health and wellness provider acquired major shares from Folium Drying Limited, a New Zealand-based maker of barley grass powder (FDL).

Even within the worldwide health crisis, Santé had its highest-ever sales in the 2020 crisis. To improve its position as a global brand, the firm has rebranded its corporate entity and Santé Barley. In 2021, Santé debuted the Daily-C Plus as the newest edition to its Daily-C Series and opened a beach resort in Batangas named The Leisure Club by Santé.

This year, Santé introduced actress Dimplés Romana as the brand ambassador for Santé Barley Max, while Jane De Leon represents Santé Barley and Daily-C. It was followed by the introduction of the Santé Barley 200g canister with more scoops for greater health, the opening of the Santé headquarters at the CaviteLight Industrial Park, and the company's development into Indonesia and the United States (USA).

"Santé has grown significantly since we began in 2007." This achievement was made possible by the efforts of the whole Santé family. And while we have attained these milestones, Santé still has much more to offer. Santé's chief executive officer, Joey Marcelo, stated that the company will continue to grow in order to assist more people in living healthier lifestyles so that they can live longer and do more for their families.

In addition to forthcoming CSR activities commemorating the company's 15th anniversary, Santé distributors in every country where the company is present will get product discounts.

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