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Epson Partners with WWF-Philippines: Pioneering Solutions for Plastic Pollution and Waste Management

Epson Partners with WWF-Philippines

Epson Philippines continues to work closely with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines to address various environmental challenges. The partnership, which began in 2022, has led to several joint initiatives focusing on conserving the country's biodiversity, ensuring the sustainable use of renewable natural resources, and reducing pollution and wasteful consumption. 

Epson Partners with WWF-Philippines

The latest joint undertaking highlights the urgent need for collective action in addressing the pressing environmental challenges of plastic pollution and waste management.

Dino Calderon, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Program Manager at WWF-Philippines, shares that the Philippines is grappling with a severe waste management crisis, with plastic pollution being one of the most significant contributors.

“As a nation surrounded by oceans, the country is ranked as the third-largest source of ocean plastic pollution globally, generating 2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste annually, according to a 2015 study by Ocean Conservancy,” said Calderon. “This situation not only affects marine life but also poses serious threats to human health and the overall ecosystem.”

WWF-Philippines and Epson encourage companies to take steps towards creating a greener workplace culture. To put this plan into action, Epson invited WWF-Philippines to host a learning session for its employees, focusing on the current state of pollution and waste management in the Philippines, its impact on the environment, and the steps that organizations and individuals can take to mitigate these issues. The event aimed to educate the company's workforce on the pressing environmental challenges faced by the Philippines and empower them to take action, starting at an individual level.

"Epson recognizes the importance of individual actions and how these make a collective impact on society," said Masako Kusama, President of Epson Philippines. "By educating our employees about pollution and waste management, we aim to foster a culture of sustainability within our organization and contribute to the global effort to combat pollution and preserve the environment."

Facilitated by Calderon, the discussion emphasized the need for corporations like Epson to educate their employees on plastic pollution and waste management and put learnings into action.

"Corporations play a crucial role in addressing environmental issues. By raising awareness and encouraging employees to adopt sustainable practices, companies like Epson can make a significant impact on reducing pollution and preserving our planet for future generations," explained Calderon.

Epson believes that its partnership with WWF-Philippines will help boost awareness on the environmental crisis and foster a sense of responsibility among its employees. By hosting this talk and continuing to work with WWF-Philippines to develop programs, Epson aims to inspire its workforce to adopt sustainable practices and contribute to the global effort to preserve the environment.

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