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Discover Fresh Tracks, Elevate Personalization on YouTube Music, and More!

YouTube Music

Navigating the expansive landscape of great music on the internet has almost become a job. With all of the amazing music out there right now, even the most passionate fans might find it difficult to connect with the sounds that speak to them and their unique taste.

Each month, more than 2 billion people come to YouTube to do exactly this—listen to endless tracks of their favorite music on the platform and discover even more new gems waiting for them. With the YouTube Music app, music fans have had a dedicated music streaming experience that delivers over 100 million official songs, along with an extensive catalog of live performances, music videos, remixes, podcasts, and hard-to-find music that you often can’t get anywhere else.

To make this experience even better and more fun, YouTube has rolled out a set of new features for the YouTube Music app:

● Easy access to favorites: YouTube has been redesigning parts of the YouTube Music app to help you easily find and play your favorite music. In the coming months, the platform will be launching a new feature on the Home tab that will help you quickly explore and listen to the songs and artists you’ve got on repeat. Simply open the YouTube Music app and right at the top of the Home tab, you’ll be greeted by your most listened-to music content, making it easy for you to jump back into your current favorites.

● Quick tastes of new music: This year, YouTube introduced the Samples tab, a personalized feed of short form video segments to get you to your new favorite music. Each immersive clip offers a glimpse into the artist, the video, and the feel of the song. Users can simply swipe vertically to experience a new song, making music discovery fun and effortless. Find something you like? Quickly add the song to your collection, share it with friends, create your next favorite playlist, kick off a great new radio station, watch the full video, visit the album page, or even use the song to create your own Short. Swipe into your next music obsession in the Samples tab.

● A personalized radio experience: YouTube Music makes it easy for you to get into a great listening session by surfacing pre-existing playlists, radios or albums via Home recommendations or Search results. This year, the platform makes it even easier by launching a new radio experience that flips that model on its head. Empowering users to create their own radios from the ground up, this new feature allows you to combine key music building blocks to create the perfect radio station.

After picking which artists to draw inspiration from you can tune your radio to suit your mood, level of discovery or familiarity of the songs, desired mood, and even if you’re looking for popular records versus deep cuts. Control your radio experience with a few quick clicks.

● Create conversations around your favorite music: YouTube recently rolled out the Comments feature on the YouTube Music app. With comments, you can make your voice heard by adding to the conversation around a new song, podcast or old favorite, while seeing what the broader community is saying by reading or reacting to their thoughts – all within the music app. These comments will mirror the same conversations happening on YouTube, allowing you to stay connected with music lovers across the YouTube ecosystem.

● Videoke-ready instant lyrics: For fans who love to videoke along to their favorite songs, YouTube Music launched timed lyrics, so now you and your friends can follow the words onscreen as you listen. If you’re looking for your favorite part of the song, you can tap on a specific lyric to jump to that part of the track.

Start playing all your favorite music in an even better streaming experience by going to the YouTube Music browser app or downloading the YouTube Music mobile app.

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